Anvil's Journal
Weird day coming back from the fair...

Well, today was weird. At least the train ride back to town was. The world fair was great! It’s always so inspiring to see the inventions of ponies from all across Equestria, and Manehatten is amazing! I might need to start studying city planning…managing the systems ponies use everyday, the creativity, efficiency, production, the enabling to exceed to greater heights is something I find deeply fulfilling, and it seems that cities themselves could be the next step up from the machines I build now…anyways, I digress.

The point is that we were attacked by a roving band of dangerous lunatics today. It was an earth pony who was obsessed with making ponies into pancakes (WHAT KIND OF MESSED UP PONY DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO EVEN THINK THAT??), a pegasus I didn’t get a good look at and a weird, black-cloaked unicorn that was obsessed with some sort of coming darkness…or something.

Anyways, so this is what happened. I was chilling in the passenger car nearest the back with Wind Clamor, Chaucer and Libby. We were introduced to a couple of mares that were building some sort of prototype for a robot when BOOM! Out of nowhere this harpoon is slammed into the roof of our car with a big balloon attached to it, and then these four ponies start attacking us. I know we were all trying to be very understanding, but every time we tried to ask questions they’d just take a swing at us.

I managed to dislodge the air balloon, and tested out one of my new cryo-grenades on this dark-magic unicorn (They work fantastically btw. Still waiting for the poor guy to thaw out, so I’m not sure if it’s lethal yet, but highly effective. Seems like there could be variants that would just stun with extreme cold, while there could perhaps be others that effect the environment on a large scale…)

After the scuffle, they just kind of ran off. Day in the life I guess…

Luna’s Masquerade Ball
Devin's First Episode

RiM Episode 1
Luna’s Masquerade Ball

Hopscotch: Thoth Costume – Glass dome covering top side of head, orange (body color?) haze inside hiding features. Brown merchant costume with many pockets.

Steel Refine: Wind Clamour Costume – Blue mask, eight pointed star over it, slots for eyes between points. Specially crafted armor – gridded and covered with geographical wonders (Neighagra falls).
Sticks: Is sticks with them for this party? If so, Sticks’ costume is in Steel’s bag. (Jester?) – Lobster costume

Anvil: Zephyr Costume – Bald eagle mask. Costume looks like wind has been wrapped around body. Mix of silver gray and black.

Wind Clamour: Anvil Costume – Pure black suit, wings still visible (Dyed?). Masks with red flare extending up from right side of face. Diamond in the rough.

Thoth: Livia Costume – Money sack hood wove from gold thread. Grey bandit uniform.

Livia: Hopscotch Costume – Crystal form fitted mask. White suit with cape and crystal rose. Mask/Rose/Cape Edges randomly change colors. Diamond in the rough.

Zephyr: Steel Refine Costume – Silver Timber Wolf Costume.

Group must find out the location they have fallen asleep from to put them inside the dream mansion. To do this they must collect thought bubbles which will help them regain their memory. Since the group has arrived late to the mansion, they will not be able to win the contest without going to extremes to collect more thought bubbles.

Luna’s Blessing – Sweet dreams for a month.
Secret of her Nightmare form
A date
A job at Canterlot

Ways to get thought bubbles:
1. Dance Contest
2. Name Game
3. Figments
4. Zephyr
5. Crystal Experiment
6. Hidden in princess statue
7. Kitchen – Zap Apple(Ponyville), Poison Joke(Luna’s Castle)
8. Sleep Walkers – Canterlot
9. Art Room Sculpture (Machinery/History/Memorization – Mind)
Dream Locations:
1. Canterlot – Bottom Right
a. Sleep Walkers
b. Group
c. Day
d. Celestia
2. Ponyville – Top Left
a. Zap Apples – Sweet Apple Acres
b. Alone
c. Night
d. Celestia
3. Lunaris Mansion – Top Right
a. Pony Names on Door
b. Alone
c. Luna
d. Day
4. Luna’s Castle – This one – Bottom Left
a. Blue Flowers – Poison Joke
b. Group
c. Luna
d. Night

Rooms: Lunaris Mansion
Midnight at mansion. Base of Canterlot mountain. Surrounded by forest. Many stars out. Party started two hours earlier (At 10pm). Luna gave welcoming speech before they arrived. Flower garden – cool colored flowers.

Lower Floor:
Entrance – Receptionist desk with bat pony. Doors on either side leading to main room.
Main room – Statue of four princesses and banner of elements of harmony (Under the cloud ceiling for Pegasus room). Dance floor plus crystal pony band.
Kitchen – Entrance from dining room and bat pony guarding entrance from main room. Various ponies rushing about bringing out food.
Dining room – Long table filled with different food from around Equestria. Glass Dream Door. Ponies rushing to get food out in time
Art Room – Various paintings hanging on the wall and sculptures to look at. Paintings of Canterlot, Discord, Nightmare Night, Crystal Empire, Ponyville. Sculptures of Starswirl the Bearded, Tree of Harmony, Queen Chrysalis. Statue of Tower from second episode, opens to show rooms. Glass Dream Door.
Figment Room – Break room for bat ponies, table with cards and chairs. Stairs leading down to basement.

Upper Floor:
Pegasus Room – Floor is completely formed from clouds. Other ponies can not enter. Circular room with glass ceiling. Other clouds hanging higher up. Banner from below at statue continues up to ceiling.
Crystal Room – Right of Pegasus room. Crystal ponies showing off their inventions. Most of them have a crowd around them except for one that is still setting up. Gate of wonder – Platform with ring that spins around pony and causes random effect, taps into the element of magic. Other inventions: Magic fountain, Crystal Pony Musical Instruments.
Game Room – Has the leader board for the thought bubble game, as well as other simple games like pool and cards. Magic screen showing first place as well as own placement.
Lounge Section – Beyond bridge and above the main entrance. Window overlooking the yard below. Two exits into dream worlds.

Section 1 – Ambush by figments. Long stone hall filled with paintings filled with the shadow of a pony in a nightmare (Figments). Walk continuously until they get to Section 2 door and ambush. Walking forward loops them back behind group but walking back brings them to stairs.
Section 2 – Boss. Stone room. Statue of Nightmare Moon. Glass dream door appears if boss is defeated. If ponies are sidelined they vanish and wake up upstairs in room but without stairs (Other ponies take Will damage from being frightened from friend disappearing).

Intro: Party starts inside the front gated area of Luna’s mansion at night. Introduce that they have arrived to attend Luna’s Masquerade Ball and tell costumes they are wearing. Gates away from mansion and into back yard are closed. Flower garden – cool colored flowers.
Greeting Room: Group is registered and names written in guest book. Told not to reveal their names to other guests. Two doors behind greeter podium enter into main room.
Main Room: Group does Observation check to determine what they see, either crowd/band/stairs or the back of the room, Statue/Art/Dining, as well. Chat with Bumble if they try to talk to somepony. Accidentally says his name and answers some of their questions.

Split Path: -—————————————————————————————————————————————
Downstairs: If they move to the back of the room they gain vision of the other doors behind the stairs, as well as a better view of the princess statues. If they linger too long, a pony can mention to them about hunting for the thought bubbles.
Upstairs: If they move upstairs, they gain view of the three doors in the top floor hallway as well as the bat pony guard and walkway to the lounge area.
Dream Zones:
Dance: After enough time has passed, the announcement for the dance competition will be announced and the group can decide to proceed to the main room or not.
Contest: Ponies who volunteer will have to move onto the raised platform where the band used to be, who have now moved down to in front of the princess statues. Sugar song leads the contest while her band plays and eliminates ponies until the best dancers are left. The first elimination removes everyone but the four best who then have a dance off. Final Four  Final Two  Winner. (Dance skill based on Heart, Bonus for Diamond in the Rough or something fancy)
Contestants: Don’t Use Names of Costumed Ponies
1. Golden Ribbon (Trophy Pony) Heart: 6
a. Alternates between moves, Athletic background
2. Gambit (Game Room Pony) Heart: 5
a. Hovering dance, Using Wings to move.
3. Blinky (Cake Pony) Heart: 1
a. Teleporting dance.
4. Echo (Bat Pony Guard) Heart: 4
a. Stylish dance, on the ground using wings to move around.

Guest List:
Guards/Hosts – Bat Ponies:
*All wearing black dress suits.
Antumbra – Mare. Greeter. Moon ring cutie mark (Moon with black circle shadow in middle)
Echo – Mare. Pegasus room guard. Three bats cutie mark.
Starshroud – Stallion. Main room guard – Figment Room. Cloud with three stars cutie mark.
Moon Gaze – Stallion. Main room guard – Kitchen. Eye with moon pupil cutie mark.

Sugar Song – Mare Crystal Pony. Light pink Octavia. Candy Octavia cutie mark. Band leader.
Mr. Fritter – Stallion Earth Pony. Brown coat / Cotton candy mane / Brown eyes. Apple fritter cutie mark.
Emi (Emerald) Sprocket – Mare Crystal Pony. Emerald Coat / Darker mane and eyes. Three dark emerald gear cutie marks.
Gambit – Stallion Pegasus. Indigo coat / Indigo eyes / Purple mane. Purple joker card cutie mark.

Golden Ribbon – Athlete. Stallion Earth Pony. Trophy costume – Golden mask with top turning into a trophy top / Silver extravagant suit with gold frills. Diamond in the rough. Gold first place ribbon cutie mark. Bronze coat / Silver mane / yellow eyes.
Bumble – Bee Keeper. Shy. Stallion Pegasus. Yellow coat / Black mane / Green eyes. Honeycomb cutie mark. Fireworks costume – Bright and stands out.
High Tower – Ponyville guard. Stallion Earth Pony. Brown coat / Gray mane / Brown eyes. Tower shield cutie mark. Berry bush masked helmet and wood styled Armor.
Petal Grove – Gardener. Mare Unicorn. Green coat / Light green mane / Yellow eyes. Flower bouquet cutie mark. Night sky mask, moon over left eye, forest green dress.
Tinder – Camp goods. Stallion Pegasus. Yellow coat / Orange mane / Green eyes. Flint and steel cutie mark. Bee hive mask with honey like rubber costume running down.
Scarlet Fuse – Fireworks maker. Mare Unicorn. Scarlet coat / Flame colored mane / Purple eyes. Three multi-colored firework explosions. Gray, rook-based chess costume.
Blinky – Magic expert. Stallion Unicorn. Purple coat / Gold mane / Gold eyes. Gold magic eye with three stars cutie mark. Cake and frosting costume.
Sweety Spice – Chef. Mare Earth Pony. White coat / Pink mane / Pink eyes. Cooking pot with three hearts cutie mark. Mare do well costume. Gold hood and purple body.

Cloud Family:
Nimbus – Zephyr’s father. Cloud Mason. Hue Splatter costume – Rainbow factory mask (Tubes of different colors coming off mask) / Gradient suit. Storm cloud hammer cutie mark. White coat / Black mane / Blue eyes.
Breeze – Zephyr’s mother. Weather Mare. Nimbus costume – Cloud coliseum mask / Blue dress depicting sky. Smiling sun surrounded by weather map cutie mark. Dark brown coat / Green mane / Green eyes.
Hue Splatter – Younger brother. Rainbows Worker (Rainbow Factory). Breeze costume – Smiling sun on cloud mask / Green screen suit with globe pin. Blank Flank (Rainbow factory pipes). Light brown coat / White mane / Green eyes.

• Mini: Poison Joke/Crystal Experiment. 2/2 Health.
• Normal: D6, Basement Hall. 8/8 Health.
• Giant: Single, Nightmare Room. 18/18 Health.
• 2d6 or greater damage
Heights: Rocky pony with clouds circling around. Can cause ponies to be unable to fly or to fall.
Spiders: Spider pony with eight eyes (Giant has eight legs). Can spit webs, bite, or claw in giant form.
Snakes: Green scaled pony (Giant has cobra head). Can spit poison or bite.
Fire: Red pony with flaming mane (Giant is fully flame). Can burn with touch.
Dark: Pony made of smoke. Can temporarily blind ponies. Will attacks.
Storms: Cloud pony riding on storm cloud (Giant is standing storm cloud pony). Weather attacks: Static, Hail, Tornado, Etc.
People: Manikin pony. Spawns manikins, starts with 2. Attacks normally, and spawns do half damage. (Giant has strings holding it to ceiling)
Germs: Green slime pony. Damage split between Fort/Will. (Giant has AoE attack and Gas)

Poison Joke / Crystal Magic Effects:
*Crystal check – chance to remove effect
*Effects don’t overlap – Max three uses before recharge (Power outage in crystal section.)
1. Long Legs
2. Pony loses all color
3. Slow / Speed movement
4. Pony grows to 1.5x size
5. Pony swaps body with closest friend
6. Pony criticals next roll
7. Pony turned into earth pony
8. Teleported to random room
9. Cloud forms over pony’s head
10. Switch costume with random friend
11. Costume turns into armor (Or better armor)
12. Pony randomly trips when walking through doors
13. Mini figment spawned
14. Pony floats
15. Pony falls asleep
16. Hiccup bubbles when talking
17. Pony’s tail continuously grows
18. Pony sees everyone as changelings
19. Pony gains wings (Or horn if Pegasus/griffon)
20. Pony appears as another pony
21. Pony begins to dance
22. Pony’s eyes glow like spotlights
23. Pony becomes mostly invisible (Concealment Check/Observation check)
24. Pony is only able to lie
25. Pony is turned into a pony colored bunny (Can talk)
26. Highest and lowest stats swap
27. Lucky – Four leaf clover sprouts, next four rolls will always succeed
28. Pony becomes really cold
29. Pony changes guiding element (Laughter, Magic, Generosity/Honesty/Kindness, Loyalty)
30. Pony’s skills become equal to their highest skill
31. Pony’s voice changes gender
32. Pony becomes bouncy
33. Pony’s steps become louder
34. Pony static shocks other ponies
35. Pony is magnetized to other ponies
36. Pony gains a thought bubble (Or becomes confused)

• Costumes cover everything except for Pegasus wings.
• Glass doors leading outside lead to other dreams. Outside is hazy but appears to lead to another garden behind the mansion. When a pony attempts to walk through they vanish and “wake up” in the new dream area.


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