One of the royal blacksmiths. A student, machinist, go-getter and often times leader





Anvil’s family have been royal blacksmiths for as long as anybody can remember. Ever since he was a fole, Anvil learned the art of metal-working at his father’s feet, learning to create the weapons, armor, shields and the ornaments, stair-railing, lamp stands, eating-ware and any other metal decoration or utility you might think of.

Anvil also had the privilege of being a student at the Royal Academy, getting a well-rounded education in the sciences, math, literature and art. It was here that Anvil learned that he had a great passion for creating not only tools and decorations as a blacksmith, but also for buildings and machines. He focused in architectural and industrial engineering, and invents and builds new machines and feats of architecture in his free time, and hopefully for Princess Celestia….if she ever notices him.

Anvil works in his family’s smithy when he’s not off with his friends solving the world’s problems. He is carrying on the family trade, and hopes to increase the scope of his family’s business to include more than just metal-work.


Anvil is both a pragmatist and a philosopher. If the answer is obvious, he doesn’t hesitate, but if the situation is unclear, he will try to take the wisest course. He sees the world as a place that can be improved by better thinking or better implementation, and the world is a place where villains exist. Anvil agrees with the ponies that think that evil-doers can be redeemed, and believes there is hope for everyone…he just thinks the bad guys can get their second chance behind bars in a magically fortified prison, away from his friends and loved ones.

Anvil also has had to live under that shadow of some great ponies. While is father was always kind, Anvil’s dad has always seemed a bit more like his critical boss than his father. Anvil knows that his father loves him, but often times what his father intended to better his son did more to estrange him and cause Anvil to doubt his own abilities. As an adult, Anvil has an overly critical outlook on his own work and good deeds for Equestria, always finding a fault with himself.


Anvil’s guiding element is Generosity, and he intends to become one of the greatest architects, inventors and blacksmiths in all Equestria in order to create the greatest gift for his friends and loved ones: a better world. Always seeking to better himself and the world around him, Anvil is just as quick to join his friends on an adventure as he is to put his nose to the grind stone and make the next quota for armor and ornaments for Canterlot.


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