Male unicorn with green coat and white mane. Watering can cutie mark.


He will be running the “Gardening” booth in the Amateur Section of the All-Equestrian Fair. During the preparation for the fair, he was influenced by a morality wisp to steal the snowbells from the Botanical Gardens (the snowbell flower is very rare and very hard to grow; it usually grows only in extremely cold tundras). The snowbells are to be the prize attraction of the Gardens. Blossomheath hid them in the empty booth next to his, which had a mysterious sign reading “Pop-Up Booth”.

Blossomheath has loved plants since his was knee-high to a grasshopper. During T-Ball games as a foal, he would be in the outfield picking dandelions instead of paying attention to the ball or batter. He tends to get jealous of gardeners who are more successful than he is, and he seems to be somewhat unaware of his own gardening prowess (which he does have—after all, the Fair committee approved him for a booth). If he were a bit brighter, he tells himself, he would have become a botanist. But he’s more-or-less content to know plants by instinct and experience rather than by academic study.


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