Sky Architect of Equestria


Zephyr: Adult Male Pegasus, 122 xp
Coat/Mane: Cloud Gray
Eyes: Bright Sky Blue
Cutie Mark: Cloudsdale Architecture
Guiding Element: Magic
Description: Larger than average wings. Dislikes being on the ground. Always rides around on personal weather cloud.
Uniform: Storm cloud colored Wonderbolts uniform. Exo wings with weather gem. Silver cloud factory pin. Saddle bags.


Attributes: Advancements – 14 (18 Ability Points, 20 Skill Points)
Mind: 7
Body: 4
Heart: 1
Virtues: 1
Fortitude: 25
Willpower: 40

Talents: 3
Prize Pony: +2 Body, +1 Mind
Student Athlete: +2 Mind, +1 Body
Egghead: +3 Mind

Skills: 24 (4 + 20)
3d6 – Weather, 2d6 – Knowledge
Ecology (5) – 22 / 12
Discipline (3) – 10
Observation (3) – 10
Construction (1) – 18/8
Spell Casting (3) – 20/10
Flying (4) – 14
Concealment (3) – 17/7
Shooting (2) – 16/6

Wing Power 6
Special Purpose +2
Exo Wings +2
Wonderbolt +1 (
3 Fort/Will on Success)

Edges: 7
Weather Warlock: 1 point cost of Fortitude or Will for Weather Patrol
Maverick: Automatically critically succeed on double 6’s and critically fail on double 1’s
Signature Move: “Cloudy Wings” – Wraps personal cloud around wings and then manipulates the climate to perform a wondrous weather feat. Once per episode for one Virtue. (Cloud Lantern – Manipulation of solid clouds)
Doubly Mirrored: Plus two advancements
JSSS: Sky Architect of Equestria (Head of Weather Phenomenon in Ponyville District)
Big Crown Thing: Cloud Walkers – One new weather effect per episode. Solid Cloud Horseshoes.
• Aurora  Sun/Moon Beam
• Wind Blown Cinders  Wild Fire
• Dust  Sand Storm
• Lightning  Magnetic Field
• Thunder Wave  Earthquake
• Hail / Snow  Flash Freeze
Magic Trick Edge (Mind+Heart+4):
1. Element of Magic Manifest:
Area +4, Seen +2, Sustained +2, Standard +1, Combine +1, Weather/Magic +2 = 12

Natural Abilities:
Special Purpose – “To Build with all the Wonders of the Sky” +2 related skills

Special Abilities: 20 (2 + 18)
Primary: Wonderbolt (4)
+1 Skill Check for Virtue Point, +2 Fort/Will on Success
Secondary: Weather Patrol (10)
Manipulate and Create: Cloud, Wind, Rain, Snow, Lightning, Fog, Thunder, Rainbow, Aurora, Hail
Utility: Wing Power (6)
+6 bonus to Skill Check rolls when using wings, also gain Tool bonus

Exo Wings / Gem of Weather: +2 Weather Skills

Magic: The Element of Magic is found in characters that approach the world with an outlook of idealism, faith, and wonder, and strive to see what makes all things special. A wondrous character focuses on the unique and the important, looking for what makes each pony, each situation, each experience, ‘magical.’ Often, a wondrous character tends to have an innocent, even naive, outlook on life; they have an optimism which is similar to (but more restrained than) a cheerful character’s. A wondrous character approaches situations with a unifying faith in the world around them and their friends, and more often than not, it is they who more readily see the ‘magic’ of friendship for what it truly is.

Cloud Family:
Nimbus – Zephyr’s father. Cloud Mason. Storm clouds hammer cutie mark. White coat / Black mane / Blue eyes.
Breeze – Zephyr’s mother. Weather Mare. Smiling sun surrounded by weather map cutie mark. Dark brown coat / Green mane / Green eyes.
Hue Splatter – Younger brother. Rainbows Worker (Rainbow Factory). Blank Flank (Rainbow factory pipes). Light brown coat / White mane / Green eyes.


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