Anvil's Journal

Weird day coming back from the fair...

Well, today was weird. At least the train ride back to town was. The world fair was great! It’s always so inspiring to see the inventions of ponies from all across Equestria, and Manehatten is amazing! I might need to start studying city planning…managing the systems ponies use everyday, the creativity, efficiency, production, the enabling to exceed to greater heights is something I find deeply fulfilling, and it seems that cities themselves could be the next step up from the machines I build now…anyways, I digress.

The point is that we were attacked by a roving band of dangerous lunatics today. It was an earth pony who was obsessed with making ponies into pancakes (WHAT KIND OF MESSED UP PONY DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO EVEN THINK THAT??), a pegasus I didn’t get a good look at and a weird, black-cloaked unicorn that was obsessed with some sort of coming darkness…or something.

Anyways, so this is what happened. I was chilling in the passenger car nearest the back with Wind Clamor, Chaucer and Libby. We were introduced to a couple of mares that were building some sort of prototype for a robot when BOOM! Out of nowhere this harpoon is slammed into the roof of our car with a big balloon attached to it, and then these four ponies start attacking us. I know we were all trying to be very understanding, but every time we tried to ask questions they’d just take a swing at us.

I managed to dislodge the air balloon, and tested out one of my new cryo-grenades on this dark-magic unicorn (They work fantastically btw. Still waiting for the poor guy to thaw out, so I’m not sure if it’s lethal yet, but highly effective. Seems like there could be variants that would just stun with extreme cold, while there could perhaps be others that effect the environment on a large scale…)

After the scuffle, they just kind of ran off. Day in the life I guess…



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